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The Lodge: BSC Edition

DeFi is full of incredible gains, patiently waiting for your hands to grow stronger.


An ultra-sustainable, highly optimized and super disruptive Tomb Fork launching on BSC that revolutionizes Tomb with hard-coded buyback and burns, lowered inflation, increased allocation for liquidity providers and improve the overall sustainability of seigniorage protocols.

The Two Main Tokens

LEVEL is pegged and locks to 33c of BSC at time of LP creation (4 hours into Genesis) SQUARE is the protocol share token.
The Binance Smart Chain is one of the longest runnind and reliable, gold standard chains in DeFi.

What's New In Our Tomb Fork

  • Optimized Tomb Contracts, Functions & Updated Contracts from 0.6 to Solidity 0.8
  • Random Epoch Lengths Between 3 and 9 Hours
  • No Dev Allocation if LEVEL is Under Peg
  • Whale Friendly LP Dump Prevention
  • 0% Buy Taxes Forever and Always
  • Dynamic, Reasonable Taxes
Designed specifically to reward those who stake and have the patience to see their investments grow.

Unlike Typical Tomb Forks

Our developers stop receiving pay (allocation) when LEVEL falls below peg and development SQUARE are used in combination with Treasury funds to create more LEVEL liquidity, further driving up the price and liquidity of LEVEL (along with the Fire Tax) making our Tomb model more resilient and fair.

Launch Plan: TWAP Edition

LEVEL is our peg token and the price of our peg token is the most important factor for continued expansion and rewards for everyone. SQUARE is our share token which loses all utility when LEVEL is below peg. Purely for Tomb Fork optimization, 6% of every SQUARE sale is automatically converted into LEVEL liquidity - creating constant buy pressure and growing liquidity for LEVEL.

Cool Down Phase (Mass Deflation)

During Genesis and until Epoch 0 begins LEVEL sales tax will be 15% then lowered to 3%. Until SQUARE 'bottoms' the sales tax will be 12% then lowered to 6% as we pump SQUARE with the tax collected on the way down.

DAO Fund

The DAO Fund is the last line of defense on top of the redirected team allocation, SQUARE Bond Mechanism, the Fire Tax, Peg Defense Fund and our 3% SQUARE tax.
The DAO fund is directed by the entire team and deploys funds into the project (specifically buybacks and adding LEVEL liquidity when under peg) as well as outside investment suck as marketing and maintenance costs.
  • When LEVEL TWAP is below 1, buybacks will be initiated by the DAO. These will be done at a time decided by the core team and not publicized until after the protocol is back in expansion to prevent front running.
  • When LEVEL TWAP is extremely high, the DAO will sell some LEVEL to help assist bringing back to peg and prepare its reserves for buybacks when needed.

Future Updates

  • In-House Auto Compounders,
  • Locking Liquidity (Longer Lock = Higher APR)
  • Leverage Trading,
  • Lending & Borrowing,
  • Cross-Chain DEX and Yield Optimizer,
  • The Beehive - A DeFi Protocol for long-term locking
  • & much more on the Roadmap.
Stake today and start earning yield + UTILITY NFT's just for playing your part in keeping the printer on.

See Also

The Masonry: a disruptive Tomb model, optimized for users that want to see their balance grow over time. The Farm: the liquidity pools (where most of the rewards are allocated). Mystery Boxes: non-tradable utility NFT's given to users who diamond hand their locks, stakes LP's or vests rewarding actual perks in The Lodge. Wild Cards: one-time-use Utility NFT's that give you perks such as one early Masonry exit or 10,000 LEVEL.
Disclaimer: Every DeFi protocol is experimental so participate at your own risk.
Our team will manage The Lodge to the best of our capabilities but there's always the possibility of complete loss of funds in any protocol.
No protocol is 100% immune from vulnerabilities.
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